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Our Products

Custom Coatings Solutions offers a wide range of industrial coatings that combine performance, compliance, and aesthetics. Our advanced solutions include water and solvent based product, high-solid and ultra-high-solid products. We are also available to help totally customize a coating to your exact needs. If you have a specific requirement and need a custom designed coating solution then CCS is the right partner for you.

Industrial Wood Finishing Systems
We strive to meet all expectations, our systems are individually designed and formulated to match each customer’s unique specifications. We are proficient with UV, Waterborne, Acid, Catalyzed, Epoxy and Polyurethane chemistries and all are available to provide the most optimal coating solution to your finishing line and requirements. Such specialized uses for CCS include office furniture, flooring, cabinetry, millwork and all flat line applications.

Flame Retardant Coatings
Specialized formulations to combine the look and feel of a fine finish, while not sacrificing the safety of flame retardant properties.

Baking Finish Systems
Physical curing, oxidative curing systems and baking finishes are available as required in both a complete system with primer and topcoat or as a single-layer coating.

2-Component Industrial Coating Systems
Our 2-component industrial coating systems comprise of primers and topcoats as well as polyurethane topcoats and polyurethane texture coatings. The 2-component acrylic topcoats, which meet even the highest demands perfectly complete the 2-component coating product program.

Metal Container Coatings
As a supplier to the container industry since its inception, CCS has coatings specifically designed for the mobile container industry. Many times, products are applied in open areas and require fast curing and early water resistance. Our waterborne coatings are specifically designed for that purpose. Sometimes, containers require durability and chemical resistance, our 2-component systems serve those requirements perfectly.

Wind Energy Coatings
Our advanced solutions provide superior protection from the elements that cause the most damage (UV exposure, extreme temperatures, foreign objects and water) to help you get the most from your wind energy systems.

Polyurethane Systems
Our polyurethane systems provide top of the lien protection for all surfaces on wind power stations, from the rotor blades, steel towers and the foundations. Our products are characterized by their resistance to extreme weather and temperature as well as their high light stability.

OEM Blade Coatings (Delivered under the name of Atec Wind Energy Products)
We offer the complete line of products developed specifically for rotor blade manufacturing. Each product has a specific function and can be used separately or in conjunction with a complete finishing system for the blade.

Five specific products are available for the complete surface coating of rotor blades.

  • Gelcoats: Available in colored and transparent versions, and suitable for all types of application.
  • Putty: Ensures that the required coating film thicknesses are achieved consistently.
  • Pore Putty: Specially developed to close uneven surfaces to dramatically reduce water erosion.
  • Primer & Topcoats: Available in either solvent or water-based versions, and it can be applied by rolling or spraying and this provides the perfect final coat.
  • Leading Edge Protection: Engineered to replace the costly and difficult application of tape, while also providing a more aerodynamic shape.

Blade Repair Coatings
Rotor blades for wind power stations are made of high-tech materials and are designed to last for several years of operation. Even so, they are still exposed to the elements and are therefore subjected to erosion, abrasion and damage from lightning strikes.

When rotor blades need to be repaired, we offer a high-performance, tested and proven coating system. This system consists of a 2-component polyurethane putty in a cartridge form and a single component topcoat, which is fast and safe, ensuring superior results even under difficult conditions.

Foundation Coatings
Concrete structures exposed to extreme weather conditions put great demands on surface coatings. Our primers and polyurethane concrete coatings guarantee long-lasting protection thanks to exceptionally strong adhesive properties and excellent weather resistance.

Tower Coatings
For lasting protection of steel towers and steel foundations against seawater on offshore stations, our product line offers top-of-the-line performance coatings systems with solvent-free and water-based components.

Blade Repair Systems
Our blade repair products for use in the field balance your concern for the environment with your need for cost efficiency. Our unique application systems result in minimal, non-hazardous waste and, in addition to being eco-friendly, are economical.

With our products, field repairs are easier, less time consuming and more affordable.

  • Requires no weighing or measuring
  • Easier to handle and apply
  • Faster cure times
  • Less overall waste
  • No need for primer or topcoat



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