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Advanced Solutions

Industrial Wood Finishing Systems

UV, Waterborne, Acid Catalyzed,Epoxy and,Polyurethane chemistries are all available to provide the most optimal coating solution to your finishing line and requirements.   We strive to meet all expectations because our systems are individually designed and formulated to each customer's specifications. Such specialized uses for CCS include; office furniture, flooring, cabinetry, millwork and all flat line applications.


Flame Retardant Coatings

Specialized formualtion to prevent flame spread for uses in aerospace and architectural.  Finsihing systems that have the clarity and look of a fine finsih but have flame retardant properties.

Industrial Coatings, Baking Finish Systems
Physical curing, oxidative curing systems and baking finishes are available as required in both a complete system with primer and topcoat or as single-layer coatings.

2-Component Industrial Coating Systems
CCS 2-component industrial coating systems comprise 2-component EP primers and 2-component EP topcoats as well as 2-component PUR topcoats and 2-component PUR texture coatings. The 2-component acrylic topcoats, which meet even the highest demands, perfectly complete the 2-component coating product program.

Coatings for Metal Containers

As a supplier to the container industry since inception CCS has compliant coatings specifically designed for the mobil container industry.   Many products are applied in open areas and require fast curing and early water resistance.  Our waterborne coatings are specifically design for that purose.   Other containers require durabiity and resistance to chemicals, our 2 component systems serve those requirements.


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